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I would give more than 5 stars starts if I could - Tony was an absolute pleasure to work with to repair my grandmothers Lowrey C-300 Organ. He is very detail driven while remaining solution oriented, he is very customer focused and shares his vast knowledge in an understandable and implementable manner. My grandmothers Organ works again and we have Tony to thank for it. Thank you!
Arthur Gosling

November 2022

Positive: Quality
I was referred to Soundscript through a friend, and he was able to make an appointment within a week, and did *excellent* work on the instrument that was problematic. It plays like a dream. Soundscript is efficient, thorough and professional. I will refer this business every chance I get!
Patrick Sheehan
a year ago

I contacted Tony to repair three stuck keys on my Yamaha Stage Piano. I accepted his basic fee and scheduled the visit. He asked me to send video of stuck keys. When he saw the video, he called to do a FaceTime with me on a hunch he could fix over the phone and save me the service call. In five minutes BINGO! The keys we fixed. He could have simply done the call and charged me. I would never have guessed his solution. Not many service technicians are that reputable. You restored my faith TONY!

Bill Metcalf
2 years ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Highest Praise for a TRUSTED technician.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Tony helped me with my Yamaha P515 over the phone. Very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone who owns a digital piano. I am just so thankful I found Soundscript and someone who is so knowledgeable and truly enjoys helping other people with their piano needs. He will be the first person I call next time my piano or anyone else I know who has a piano issue. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Melody P


My wife bought a digital piano off Ebay and when we got it home, she discovered that two of the keys seemed to be stuck. After a Google search, I found Soundscript Electronics and my wife called and made an appointment for repair. Tony came out to our house and opened up the piano where he discovered a guitar pick stuck between the keys and a loose spring. The repair was quick - no parts needed - and my piano was as good as new. Tony is highly recommended. Also, my wife says he is quite the piano player!

Positive: Professionalism
After years of trying to find someone to repair our Yamaha Clavinova piano, we found Tony! It was a pleasure working with him. He responded right away to my call and scheduled a home appointment. He knew what the problem was likely to be over the phone. He came and fixed it right up. I can play the piano again without hearing that annoying, clunky middle G. I enjoyed his mini "concert" as he was testing out the repaired piano. He is quite a talented player and repair person!



Tony was very prompt to return my phone call and assure me that he could fix my 15-year-old Yamaha. He quickly set up an appointment and expertly assessed the problem. Though he wasn't expecting to take parts of the keyboard back to his company, he did, and ordered all the parts I needed. He had to lubricate the keyboard and replace some of the keys. He then returned within a week and expertly put the piano back together again. My piano sounds as good as new! He also gave me some good advice on how to care for the instrument. I highly recommend Tony and Soundscript Electronics.

Henrietta Atkin
3 years ago

We were having problems with a Yamaha digital piano and I contacted two different music shops to ask who they recommended. One shop said the only person they would ever recommend was Tony from Soundscript Electronics. The other shop said there were several people in the area, but Tony was the “absolute best”.
They were “absolutely right”!
Tony was courteous, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to find the solution.
I can’t imagine why anyone would choose someone else in the area.
Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Mike Young

4 years ago

Tony came to my home to repair my Roland RD 500 electric piano. Very knowledgable, explained the inner workings of the piano. Also very dependable. Wouold recommend him highly for any electronic keyboard.

George VanderWoude
4 years ago

We called Tony when the sound suddenly and mysteriously went out on our Yamaha clavinova. He was professional, answered in a very timely manner, and most of all, helped us fix the problem ourselves without his needing to replace or repair anything (there was a speaker cutoff switch that had been bumped by one of our kids. Switching it back to "on" quickly resolved the issue.) Soundscript will be our first call if/when we encounter problems again in the future.
Julie Holzhauer
5 years ago

Tony was great. I thought my Kohler KD140R was fried, but Tony came in and had it working again in about 15 minutes. What a relief! And he's a nice guy, too! I feel really lucky to have found Tony and Soundscript Electronics.

Doug Becker
5 years ago

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Tony at Soundscript Electronics. He went way above and beyond in repairing my 20+ year old digital keyboard and did it quickly and reasonably priced, and kept me well informed during the process. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone needing his services-he’s great!
Anne Migliorisi
5 years ago

I contacted him from out of state regarding an inoperable digital baby grand piano. I was fairly sure of the fix but looking for the parts. Tony was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the correct repair kit sent to me and now everything is working as new. Thanks!!
Kurt Lange
5 years ago

Erin Winston
5 years ago
I am so happy this person exists! We have a keyboard that needed repair, but it's an old keyboard that not many people know how to fix-- most people would tell us to get rid of it, but it's a good machine and it does the trick for us. Anthony was able to weld things together and it's as good as new-- or as close to that as it will get. Thank you!
Erin Winston
5 years ago

Tony was very professional and knew what he was doing. Had an old Lowrey organ and he got it working much better that I thought possible. Very personable as well.
Thomas S

Aurora, IL

I purchased a used Yamaha Clavinova on eBay and it turned out to have some undisclosed problems with several keys. Tony has been to my home twice, and both times he diagnosed and addressed the presenting problems quickly and also rectified subtler issues that could become problems in the near future. He also took the time to talk me through each step so that I could perform basic repairs myself, which I sincerely appreciate. The expertise and customer service here is really top-notch.

Jesse B.

Bartlett IL


Great, professional service. Worked quickly in diagnosing and fixing. Provided a nice tuneup in addition to the fixing the main problem. Provided helpful tips for preventive maintenance

George H.
Chicago, IL

We had a few digital pianos that needed attention on our seminary campus and Tony was able to diagnose and remedy the issues effectively and efficiently. Highly recommended!

Joe C.
Chicago, IL

This is seriously some of the best service I have ever received. Tony made a house call to fix a Suzuki piano that no one else has been able to fix. Within a couple hours it was done!  He is a total professional, arrived right on schedule and went above and beyond in every way. 
This type of service with pride is a so rare these days. If you have any need of this type of repair service, I can highly (highly!) recommend Soundscript Elec  Five stars all the way!

Mike G. 

Chicago, IL


My digital baby grand piano stopped working and was doing some weird stuff when Tony came in.  15 minutes later, viola!  He fixed it no problem, and for coming to my house, the price was perfect!  Thanks Tony!   I would definitely recommend!

Tiffany K

Chicago, IL 05/21/2013